Sup, This is a side blog for my art inspiration
  • ljstuff:

    Inktober #5 Gerard Way’s new music video makes him look like a comic book character

    (Liking the new album a lot - espesh ‘Brother’)

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  • fuckyeahillustrativeart:


    Artist’s name: Shelly Chen


    Tumblr Page:

  • emmyc:

    Random recent art junk. I guess I really want to draw people with pupil-less eyes lately!

  • terrakion:



    people laugh at me when i say that he’s hot

    do you laugh back at them because they’re wrong


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  • calebdraws:

    Art Giveaway! I have been meaning to post a giveaway ever since I converted my tumblr account to my website in celebration of working on my illustration skills, starting classes at SCAD, and just overall trying to be more professional about gaining attention to the things I spend so much of my time working on. I have done a lot of giveaways on tumblr, and this time I am changing things up. You can win by using three different websites.

    Repost the picture on instagram. (@boylescaleb)

    Retweet the giveaway post tweet. (@okaywalrus)

    Or simply reblog this post. (@calebdraws)

    I will be picking the winner on October 21st. The more ways you help me promote my artwork, the better chance you have at winning this giveaway. Thanks to everyone who is supporting me now. Since transferring schools I really feel like my dream of working professionally as an illustrator is coming true. 

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